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What are dash cams?

A dashboard camera, or dash cam, is an in-car digital camcorder which is designed to be mounted on the windscreen with a suction cup.

It has a wide angle lens to capture virtually everything in field-of-view which is in front of the car.

The dash cam records video whilst you drive, and the footage is extremely useful for several reasons including when you need evidence to support you after a road accident, analysing your performance whilst learning to drive and even just capturing a scenic route whilst you're driving along.

Why invest in a dashcam?

  • Supporting evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident
  • Prove you are a responsible driver to bring down insurance premiums
  • Report irresponsible drivers / road rage
  • Protection for your vehicle whilst it is parked
  • Record your driving performance
  • Monitor your fleet vehicles
  • Record road trips and holidays
  • Capture footage on scenic drives
  • Share fun or unlikely events with your friends and family

Integrated GPS

Track your position wherever you go. Record your location, speed and direction and display the recorded information in Google Maps™ when you playback the video

Bright lens

The lower the 'f number' of the lens, e.g. f1.8, the more light can be let in resulting in brighter videos - ideal in low light situations

Integrated microphone

Allows you to record audio inside your vehicle


This records direction and force, including impact, turns and acceleration. Helps you to 'tag' accidents so you can retrieve the information from the hard-drive at a later stage

Wide angle lens

The wider the angle of view, e.g. 130°, the more of the scene in front of you the camera will be able to capture


Camera will start recording as soon as you switch on the ignition

Photo Mode

This gives you the option to capture still images as well as video, which could be very useful in an accident or incident in the road

Revolving mounting cradle

Position the video camera in any direction


If the memory is full, the camera will automatically over-write footage that you no longer need, if you select this option


With a DashCam installed in the vehicle you will always have irrefutable evidence at hand to help you avoid…

  • «My word against your word» disputes.
  • «Crash for cash» and other staged accidents.
  • False or exaggerated whiplash claims.
  • Lengthy investigations and costly legal proceedings and settlements


A DashCam will help you evaluate driver performance…

  • Promotes safe and efficient driving.
  • Helps pinpoint reasons for delays and other issues.
  • Helps you optimize your business.

Easy to use

Installing and operating a DashCam is very much «set and forget». Mount it to the inside of the windshield, connect the charger to the vehicle’s 12/24v socket, set the current time and date and you’re done. The camera starts recording automatically when you turn on the ignition capturing every detail of the trip. When the ignition is turned off, the camera will save the recording in progress and power down. With the Loop Recording feature enabled you never have to worry about running out of memory.

DashCams can also be used to monitor the vehicle while it’s parked. With the «Motion Detection» feature activated the camera will start recording automatically when motion is detected within a certain proximity. NOTE! This function requires the camera to be hardwired into the fusebox.

Key features

  • GPS records speed and location data.
  • Super wide-angle lens captures EVERYTHING in front of the vehicle.
  • WDR technology ensures clear video even at night.

  • “Loop Record” overwrites old video automatically when the memory card is full. Write protected files will NOT be deleted.
  • The built-in “G-sensor” detects impacts and protects the video pertaining to the incident from being overwritten by the ‘Loop Record’ function.
  • An «Emergency» button also lets you write protect files manually.

Integrated GPS Technology

Models with integrated GPS records speed and location data providing even more detailed evidence.

The Registrator Viewer software (downloadable form our site) gives you a wealth of information at a single glance including real time speed and positioning on Google maps corresponding to the video playback.


Our support team is available 5 days a week. All our products come with a 2 year warranty on manufacturing faults.

DashCams can save YOUR business substantial money by providing irrefutable evidence to help fend off costly settlements and legal fees. Our cameras will also help improve safety and efficiency. Please give us a call to learn more about how dashcam technology can benefit YOUR business.

What HDProofCams Customers are Saying

The cameras have definitely improved the behaviour of our drivers and even reduced the companies at fault accident rate by almost half. This in itself has paid for the cost installing 8 premium quality cameras, with telemetric and GPS. We are able to monitor location, speed, braking, acceleration and even access and upload video footage from the camera via 3G. A big thank you to Shakira our client liaison manager, absolutely amazing!
Dennis Chambers, TriStar Wedding Chauffer’s
We finally have a reliable and affordable camera system, in our fleet of 30 vehicles that we use regularly for quality control purposes. I am also very impressed with the variety of options available in these systems. From their sales team, to the finished product and customer support, every aspect of this company has been outstanding and a pleasure to work with.
Wilroy Edwards , FastTrack Logistics

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